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Online Advertising 
Search Marketing
FB Marketing

1. Bio Website


👍 Professionals, Small Businesses

👍 Influencers, Celebrities, Athletes
👍 Social Media & Communication


✅ Super Fast
❌ Responsive Design
✅ Search-Optimized (SEO)


✅ Single Page

❌ Multiple Pages

❌ Blog Pages



2. Landing Page


👍 Sales, Marketing, Promotions
👍 Products & Services Information
👍 Small - Large Businesses


✅ Super Fast
✅ Responsive Design
✅ Search-Optimized (SEO)


✅ Single Page
❌ Multiple Pages
❌ Blog Pages

3. Full Website


👍 Advanced Search Optimization
👍 Brand & Corporate Information
👍 Medium - Large Businesses


✅ Super Fast
✅ Responsive Design
✅ Search-Optimized (SEO)


✅ Single Page 

✅ Multiple Pages
✅ Blog Pages


Inquire for Pricing & Demo!

Inquire for Pricing & Demo!

Inquire for Pricing & Demo!

Your Online Store

Website + SEO

Three (3) websites to fit your budget.

5-Star Ratings

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  • What is SEO?

    SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". It is a strategy for increasing the number of visitors to your website.

    The visitors will come from Online Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    A Search Optimized Website has a bigger chance of appearing on Online Searches.

    Remember: More website visitors = more customers and sales!

  • What do you Publish?

    We publish eBooks, eMagazines, online newsletters, digital brochures and flyers.

    We also publish blogs, websites, mobile apps, social media posts, online advertisements, online videos and graphics, online slide presentations, web stories, chat robots (chatbots), and other digital content for online media.

  • What is Internet Marketing?

    Internet Marketing - aims to promote and grow your business through various online platforms. Platforms such as social media, websites, apps, online videos, graphics, and more.

    Online Advertising - aims to make your product, service, or brand highly visible on the internet. The goal of online advertising is to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

  • Do you give Special Discounts?

    Yes! We can give Discounts and Special Pricing to the following:

    1. Start-up Businesses
    2. Students or Volunteers
    3. Micro-Small Businesses
    4. Non-Profit Organizations
    5. Relief or Charitable Projects

    To learn if you will qualify, please send us an email at:


  • Are you a Registered Business?

    Yes! 1VP Publishing is a registered business in the Philippines and complies with local regulations and taxes.

    1VP Publishing is also registered with the National Privacy Commission (Philippines) and complies with international Privacy and Anti-Spam standards.

  • How to make a Payment or Refund?

    For payments, we accept PayPal, GCash, and bank transfers to BDO.

    We aim for 100% satisfaction on our services. If you are not happy, we may allow a partial or full refund depending on the type of service.

    For billing related concerns, please send us an email:


  • Who can benefit from Internet Marketing?

    Businesses, Professionals, Individuals, and Non-Profit Entities can avail of our Digital Marketing services:

    - "BUSINESSES" can be start-ups, entrepreneurs, small-medium enterprises, corporations, etc.

    - "PROFESSIONALS" can be doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, accountants, etc. who want to promote and advertise their services.

    - "INDIVIDUALS" can be influencers, celebrities, athletes, artists, etc. who want to increase their followers and boost exposure.

    - "NON PROFIT" can be organizations that want to promote a cause, idea, or project.



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